How Psalm 23 Talks About Self-Care

Each verse of Psalm 23 reveals a way that God replaces your own feeble attempts at self-care apart from Him, to how He cares for us as our Shepherd.

Psalm 23:1
All of your needs will be met. Every single one. Don’t think you have to look anywhere else to find your needs. You won’t. No need will go unmet.

Psalm 23:2
God is leading you (and sometimes He has to make you), but rest will come when you submit to His leadership. Don’t think you have to plan or manipulate your schedule without consulting Him. Trust God to lead and guide you, even throughout the day.

Psalm 23:3
I used to think: if I could just get away for a few days I’d feel better and rest. But have you ever been on vacation and felt more tired coming home? God’s rest is not something we strive for when we “get away.” His rest is for us in the mess of the middle of our lives.

Psalm 23:4
What is your greatest fear? Death is the ultimate equalizer and let’s be honest, our most powerful enemy. So whatever we fear, God says he will walk through it with us. Even death itself will not be faced alone by the believer.

Psalm 23:5
Many times we feel like we have to “protect” our time. But what if God is caring for us by showing us people in our life we are meant to serve? I get frustrated when my children wake up early and I don’t have quiet time to myself. But instead of trying to protect my time, I choose to believe God will once again give me what I need throughout my day.

Psalm 23:6
Goodness and mercy is not up to me. Self-care is not something to strive for, but to trust to the Shepherd’s care. Listen to your body’s aches and whispers, and ask God to open up time for restoration. To convict you to be present to what’s best. Only in humility, trust, and dependence on Him will each of us fill our lives with the goodness we crave.