The Prophets Series

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This series is designed to educate the children on the ways God has spoken to his people (Israel) in the old testament and the various individuals he has used to accomplish this objective. Here, we highlight who a prophet is, what a prophetic ministry is, and its importance, the major and minor prophets in the bible and lots more.

In this series, we have studied prophet Elijah and how God worked with him during the reign of king Ahab and his wife, Jezebel, who built an altar for Baal. They made the people to worship Baal and sin against God. This made God very angry.

The story of Elijah teaches us to stay away from idols because God doesn’t share his glory with anyone, Isaiah 42:8. Elijah and the seven thousand never bowed their knees to Baal, and God was with them. We also cited examples of what constitutes idols in our lives and how we can deliver ourselves from the effects of these idols.


Elisha was chosen in the most dramatic way – with the cast of a mantle. 1 Kings 19:19 shows that Elijah the prophet threw his mantle on Elisha, a sign that Elisha was going to take his place, as the prophet of Israel. Elisha understood he had an important calling ahead of him and was determined to learn from Elijah, so he had a mini party with his family and left them to follow Elijah.

This week, we will look at Elijah’s last days with Elisha and how Elisha’s ministry started immediately after Elijah’s departure. 2 Kings 2:1-25

Our learning goals in this subtopic will be:

  • Obedience – 1 Kings 19:20-21
  • Honour and Service – 1 Kings 19:21
  • Consistency and Patience – 2 Kings 2:1-6
  • Focus (on the task at hand) – 2 Kings 2:5